It’s that time of night again.

I just saw this magnificent painting of a starry night sky, and surrounding it (thanks tumblr layout) are such things as a minimalist sketch of a giraffe, Parisian coffee-table duly equipped with all the fixings for a perfect Sunday morning, shots from a posture class in the 1950s, and a certain photo of Malcolm X speaking while holding up a newspaper headlined with "OUR FREEDOM CAN’T WAIT!"

This being tumblr, and me being in that poetic night ~zone~ where I think all my contemplative, existential thoughts that will definitely embarrass me tomorrow and oh my God if I delete this tomorrow morning, you guys will all pretend it never happened, right?

But anyways.

The point is; zoom out, and the universe overwhelms. zoom in, and the world still is pretty damn breathtaking. Realizing the inimitable simplicity of the heavenwards grander scale is humbling, but so is remembering that all these separate (sometimes warring and sometimes loving but mostly indifferent) worlds are joined under it. It’s kindof like an imploding wonder; you could think smaller and smaller only to discover larger and more mysterious galaxies in the mundane, and all you can wonder is how they’re all part of the same scheme.

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